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Procreate is such a good tool, more and more story artists are using it for their boards. So am I, and therefore began to convert my storyboard templates to Procreate. All these templates are available for free or pay what you want. Each has a frame layer, text, and most have a rule of thirds layer. Here are a few that are already in store:

Storyboard template for 2.39:1 aspect ratio films (Scope) with twelve frames on DIN A4 horizontal

All Templates + updates 🤝

If you work in film production, animation, or TV commercials under tight deadlines, you know how stressful it can be to produce high-end, professional-looking presentations in record time. Carefully designed, ready to use layouts for storyboard presentations and film treatments will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Membership lets you get all the paid templates at once and includes the new templates published within the next year and free updates to all the templates for one year.

Right now, this means 50+ templates for Adobe InDesign (Mac and PC), Apple Keynote, and Apple Pages. …

Formatting your screenplay doesn’t have to be tedious. You can use this free template designed to help you write in screenplay form (Warner Brothers format) with Apple Pages, an app from the free Apple productivity suite.

The title page is pretty much self-explanatory: you can write your title, credit, and add your contact details. Then, start writing your screenplay using the Text tab to format your script:

  • Action
  • Dialogue
  • Parenthetical
  • SHOT
  • General

The scene index will build up as you fill your script with scenes.

Screenplay within the Apple Pages interface.

SARS-COV-2 character sketch, page from sketchbook

Template Supply, home page at launch

Templates Supply is the new home to all the layouts I designed until now. In the coming months, I will release more designs there, including not film-related, like posters, portfolios, presentations, and more.

For a while now, I have distributed layout templates, starting with free storyboard templates available on Film Storyboards since 2010. In 2017, I started a small Gumroad shop for storyboards and film treatment templates:

Adding templates for more purposes was in the back of my mind for some time: presentations, portfolios, posters, all kinds of layout for freelancers, designers, illustrators, photographers, architects, and art directors. …

Here are storyboard templates designed for various film ratios that you can edit in Adobe InDesign (idml). Click on each template image preview to get more info. All these templates and many more are available in the Storyboards Shop, secured by Gumroad.

Scope (2.39:1)

Let’s start with 2.39:1 (scope) ratio. This template has many layout options and variations and is ideal to present film projects in a cohesive way.

InDesign Storyboard Template 2.39:1 (scope) — Avenir Light 10pt on DIN A4 vertical

InDesign Storyboard Template 2.39:1 (scope) — Avenir Light 10pt on DIN A4 vertical — overview
Get this InDesign storyboard template for 2.39:1 films from Gumroad

InDesign Storyboard Template Scope 2.39:1 Courier New 10pt DIN A4 landscape

Set in Courier, the traditional screenplay font, this template works well to present feature film projects.

This post is about Keynote themes designed for film treatments for film directors and Production companies.

Apple Keynote is an free productivity app for Macthat enables you to put together presentations really fast for print or for screen. You can start your layout from scratch or easily change an existing theme’s design. Like its infamous PC counterpart it also has basic animation options, for slides projection. You won’t need these most of the time but Keynote is a solid app when it comes to its main quality: layout speed. …

If you are a fellow freelancer, feel free to get these free spreadsheet templates for Apple Numbers, the free Apple productivity app.

Client Listing

The first is free spreadsheet template to organize your contacts and help you keeping track of your prospective clients. The first column is for your contact’s name, then its position within which company. Then th fourth column is for the company industry field, say animation, or publishing, etc. The address, the email, phone and web details all have a column of their own. …

With a recent update, Apple Pages (7.0) now has Masters, like Keynote.

It cannot rival the editing scope of Adobe InDesign to produce and publish layouts. That is a given. But it is a sound solution to create beautiful documents, fast. And thanks to this improvement, it now makes sense to use it for storyboards.

With a template, you can just drop images in the placeholder frames and add notes in the formatted text boxes. Here are a few Apple Pages templates to help you design storyboard presentations in no time.

If you use Pages in your workflow and need to create a neat storyboard layout, one of these templates should help…

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